Mashing is the hardest part of AG Brewing for me. Mainly, keeping the mash temperature constant. So, I took to the internet and did some research on making my own Mash Lauter Tun. I found alot of info on the subject on the forums, along with John Palmer’s How to Brew (The eBook third revision has much better directions). I decided to go with a two gallon MLT because my batch sizes are small. Here’s how I did it.

Here are the parts that I needed. Stick with Brass or Stainless steel. Other metals might leak some chemicals or metals into your wort and that might cause off flavors. Also, if you are using brass, make sure it is lead free!


Part (From left to right)Cost
Two gallon water cooler9.97
3/8 Male Barb3.76
3/8 Ball Valve8.21
Two 5/8 Stainless Fender Washers0.79 each
3/8 x 1-1/2 Nipple3.12
3/8 Rubber WasherIncluded with cooler
Two 5/8 Stainless Fender Washers (One pictured)0.79 each
3/8 Female Barb3.40
Stainless Steel Clamp0.45
Stainless Steel Faucet Supply Line4.97
Stainless Steel Clamp0.45
3/8 Pipe Plug2.58

I started by taking the Stainless steel faucet tubing and hacking off the ends. Then I slid the stainless steel braiding off of the tube. I used some plyers to turn in the sharp edges then attached the braid to the 3/8 stopper and the 3/8 female barb using the Stainless hose clamps. This piece will serve as a filter, pulling the wort out of the mash during lautering.

The Brass nipple and two washers outside the cooler Staineless filter attached inside the cooler

After the filter is made, I wrapped the brass nipple with plumbers tape. Using the rubber washer that came with the cooler, I attached the filter to the nipple using two washers as spacers. From here I just attached the ball valve along with the 3/8 male barb and tightened everything up.

Entire thing assembled

I then enlisted the help of my daughter to help fill it with water to check for leaks.

No Leaks!

Yay! No Leaks! It even drains properly!

It's Open!! Artistic Shot!

After that, I went ahead and got One gallon of water up to 155°F and poured it in the Mash tun. It was able to hold within 10° for an hour, which is all I care about! I’m really excited to use this the next time I brew, which should be soon. I’ve got a kit for some pumpkin ale this weekend.